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  • 30 Days to Waves Week 2

Welcome Back.

Let’s Drop In.

So glad you’re still with us! As we said last week, these are bite-sized challenges to prepare your mind and body for the swells ahead.

Learning to surf can be a transformative experience. If you’re planning for a Las Olas surf safari, or just thinking about it, chances are you’re ready for adventure, so let’s continue paddling out to the peak together.

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It’s Your Wave. Take it.

Week Two of the 30 Days to Waves challenge continues our focus on three areas of your well-being.


Start the conversation, then reflect and journal your thoughts.


Add quick workouts to your schedule to get blood flowing and prepare your body for adventure.


Little by little, reduce the toxics in your diet and increase your intake of superfoods.

Anyone is welcome to join the 30 Days to Waves challenge, so find a friend and let’s get started.

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Taking the Fear Out of Surfing

What’s your biggest surfing fear? Cold water? Sea creatures? Big waves? Where do those fears come from and what steps can you take to get past them?

To get started, read Christine Yu’s thoughts on surf anxiety in Taking the Fear Out of Surfing. Then go to bed earlier than usual tonight, pen down some thoughts before sleep, and let your body recharge for the week ahead.

Surfer Burpees!

Increase your paddling power. Warm up with two dozen standard jumping jacks followed by 10 old-school burpees. Then add five surf burpees by landing in a surf stance. For details, visit Balancing Act by Las Olas surf coach Amanda. Cool down with five minutes of hamstring, quad, and arm stretches.

Tropical Skin Cleanser

Blend some island vibe into your morning. Try the Tropical Skin Cleanser recipe by Simple Green Smoothies. It’s really a fruit smoothie packed with Vitamin C and healthy fats that tastes like vacation.

Everybody in the Pool!

Go for a swim. Not a swimmer? Read How To Start Swimming For Exercise. Don’t have access to a large body of water? Go for a 30 minute walk or bike ride. The key is to get your blood flowing. Remember to include a five minute cool-down stretch when you’re done.

Jump On the Wagon

Skip happy hour or that glass of wine with dinner tonight. Impossible? Then mix it up by alternating a sip of water between sips of Pinot. Want a big girl cocktail without the alcohol? Check out these mocktails in Town & Country.

We know it’s hard, but try Thursday night without cocktails and let us know how Friday morning feels.

Get Into Your Headspace

Wind down after a long week with another guided meditation via the app Headspace or Yoga WakeUp. Listen to the demo again or sign up if it stokes your zen. After a few sessions, just hearing their voices makes the world a calmer place.


You’re halfway through the 30 Days to Waves challenge! Visit Las Olas’ Instagram and Facebook pages for more inspiration. Share the adventure. We love to read your surf inspiration.

That’s it! See you Week Three.

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Photos by Camilla Fuchs and Las Olas.
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